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  1.Rheology Modifier for solvent based system
  2.Rheological Additive for water based system(inorganic gel)
  3.Activated Clay
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BP-923  Rheology Modifier
Type: 1.Rheology Modifier for solvent based system

Solvent based Rheology Modifier BP-923


1.Quality specification:
        Appearance                                     : light yellow powder
        Moisture content ( @105℃,2hrs )  : ≤3.5%
        Granularity (<76μm or 200mesh)   : ≥99%
        Density                        :1.6 g/cm3


2. Characteristics and Application:

BP-923 is made through special process of modifying. This rheology modifier has super dispersing property and high thixotropic property, applicable to low, middle and high polar solvent systems. Disperse at high speed shear without polar activator in middle and high polar solvent systems, while in low polar solvent systems, adding a small amount of polar activator can reach better dispersing effect. In suitable systems, the fineness dispersion can be less than 5μm and it appears super thixotropic property and anti-flowing property. BP-923 can be added at any step. Then, according to different solvent systems, polar activator dosage is 20%-30% of organoclay or not needed. It is with dispersion at high speed or by mill. Usually the adding quantity in paints is 0.2-1.5%.It is applicable in epoxy paints, anti-corrosion paints, high temperature lubricating greases, wood paints, high-grade paints and inks, etc.

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