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  1.Rheology Modifier for solvent based system
  2.Rheological Additive for water based system(inorganic gel)
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BP-100  Rheology Modifier
Type: 1.Rheology Modifier for solvent based system

Solvent based Rheology Modifier BP-100

1) Characteristics: 
rheology modifier is a new style product with easily dispersing, no bug dust input. It is for low, middle and high polarity systems. It can be dispersed without polar activator and high-shear mixers. It is special easy dispersion in styrene and alcohol solvents and has ideal thickening and rheological properties.
2) Specification:

Appearance: White, free-flowing powder    Granularity(<76μm or 200mesh):≥95.0%
Volatiles  (at 105 ℃, 2hrs)  :     4%          Loss on ignition ( @850-900
) : ≤38%
   Heavy metal (Pb)                :    ≤15mg/kg   
Arsenic  (As)                               : ≤5 mg/kg
3) Main applications

  BP-100 is suitable for solvent based paints & coatings, adhesives, sealants as thickener rheology modifier for resin and oil-based well drilling slurry as thixotropic agent. It is more suitable than fumed silica in unsaturated resin and epoxy resin systems.
   It can obviously decrease the cost and improve thixotropic effect.

  BP-100 can be added in any step without polar activator. The disperse speed exceeds 400r/min. It can also be into pre-gel in styrene, xylene, 200# and the other mixed solvent. The input of BP-100 is 0.2-0.6% of all systems. Special purpose is 1-6% for example spraying unsaturated resin.


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