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  1.Rheology Modifier for solvent based system
  2.Rheological Additive for water based system(inorganic gel)
  3.Activated Clay
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BP-286  Rheology Modifier
Type: 1.Rheology Modifier for solvent based system

Solvent based Rheology Modifier BP-286

1.Quality specification:
        Appearance                                       : light (white),free-flowing powder
        Moisture content ( @105
,2hrs )    : ≤3.5%
        Granularity (<76μm or 200mesh)     : ≥98%
        Viscosity  (5.5% resin gel, 25
)      : ≥1000mPa•S
        Fineness dispersion (no mill)           : ≤50μm
        Loss on ignition ( @850-900
)       : ≤40%
        Heavy metal (Pb)                              : ≤15mg/kg
Arsenic     (As)                                  : ≤5 mg/kg

2.Characteristics and Application:
       Super easily to disperse, strong thickening capability, high transparence.
       Used in superior paints, printing inks, cosmetics, lubricating greases,
       composite material, substitution for silicon oxide gas(SiO2).

3.The international countertype is: Bentone SD-1.

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