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Paper Grade Bentonite BK®-045
Type: 4.Other Bentonite Products

Bentonite for Paper Manufacturing BK®-045

1.It is suitable for papers with various PH values.

2.It can improve remaining assisting property ,

filtrating assisting property and the symmetry of

paper while ensuring the quality of the paper.

3.Because of improved filtration,it can save steam

volume and enhance the speed of paper machine.

4.Because of the purification of the system,it can

reduce the times for cleaning the blanket and

improve the integrated operation property.

5.It can reduce the chemical oxygen consumption and biologic oxygen consumption and ease the load from dirty water.





PH value(2% suspension)


Swell index ml/2g


Bulk density g/ml


Moisture %


Fineness, 45µm(pass325mesh)  %


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