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  1.Rheology Modifier for solvent based system
  2.Rheological Additive for water based system(inorganic gel)
  3.Activated Clay
  4.Other Bentonite Products
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BP-127  Rheology Modifier
Type: 1.Rheology Modifier for solvent based system

Solvent based Rheology Modifier BP-127

      1.Quality specification:
Appearance                                     : light yellow, free-flowing powder
     Moisture content ( @105
,2hrs )  : ≤3.5%
     Granularity (<76μm or 200mesh)   : ≥98%
     Viscosity (
Xylene:n-butanol=4:1)    : ≥1.0 Pa•S
     Viscosity (7% xylene gel,25
)       : ≥3.0 Pa•S
     Loss on ignition ( @850-900
)    : ≤38%
     Heavy metal (Pb)                            : ≤15mg/kg
Arsenic     (As)                                : ≤5 mg/kg

  2.Characteristics and Application

      Free-flowing powder with light yellow. Applicable to high polar solvent systems,
in solvent which contain aromatic, alcohols or esters, it has good
      thickening and thixotropy.
Need with high speed dispersing and polar activator, the pre-gel addition is better
      Used in anticorrosion paints, industrial paints just like container paints,
marine paints, anti-rust paints, etc.

     3.The international countertype is: Bentone-27.
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