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  1.Rheology Modifier for solvent based system
  2.Rheological Additive for water based system(inorganic gel)
  3.Activated Clay
  4.Other Bentonite Products
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BP-182  Rheology Modifier
Type: 1.Rheology Modifier for solvent based system

Solvent based Rheology Modifier BP-182

  1.Quality specification:
Appearance                                      :
 light color, free-flowing powder
Moisture content ( @105
,2hrs )   : ≤3.5%
Granularity (<76μm or 200mesh)    : ≥98%
Colloid (gel) rate
                               : ≥95%
Heavy metal (Pb)                             : ≤15mg/kg
Arsenic     (As)                                 : ≤5 mg/kg

2. Characteristics and Application:
Free-flowing powder with light color. Applicable to low polar solvent systems.
Need high speed dispersing. Dry-powder addition. Good thixotropy and stability to make the mud have good suspension property, wall protection and anti-filtration, furthermore, under the pressure
108Pa and the temperature 230
the mud can maintain stable physical and chemical property.
Used in oil drilling mud, emulsion oil mud, suspending agent, etc.

     3.The international counter-brand is: Bentone-990.

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